Your Most Important Appointments

Your Most Important Appointments

We schedule things that are important to us; the kids’ ball games, music lessons, doctor and dentist appointments, business appointments, even hair cutting appointments. Putting something on your schedule means that you value it enough to plan your time around it.

Of all the appointments that you schedule, I’d like to suggest that the most important are what I call  “internal alignment” appointments.

What do I mean by “internal alignment” appointments? Basically anything that helps you align the personality to the Soul

(which is the same as saying align yourself with God as the Soul is that part of you that is connected to God).

Here are some examples:

·         Meditation time

·         Personal prayer time

·         Reading from sacred texts

·         Visiting sacred places to you

·         Taking a contemplative walk in nature

Basically anything that allows you to spend some solitary time away from distractions and with a specific intent of turning your attention to internal alignment. Alone time to ruminate on all your problems and make yourself feel bad is not what we’re talking about- in fact it’s the opposite of what we’re talking about. Internal alignment appointments are times to step back from all your perceived problems and worries and really focus on connecting and aligning with your Soul.

How will you know that an appointment has been a success? Simple- it will be by the way you feel. You should be able to come away from an internal alignment appointment feeling lighter, more peaceful, calmer, uplifted, encouraged, hopeful, etc. Will all your “problems” be solved? Not necessarily, although some may fall away as sources of worry for you. What really happens is that the problem solver (you) has been strengthened.

Questions to Ponder

What are some of my favorite ways to feel more internally aligned?

How can I schedule internal alignment time into my day? My week? My month?