Why You Need More Doubt & Uncertainty In Your Life

Why You Need More Doubt & Uncertainty In Your Life

There is an old saying that we see the world not as it is, but as we are.

I’d like to offer a slightly different angle on this widely accepted theory.

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Don’t Be So Sure About Who You Are

Anything I do to get to know my Soul better will change how I see myself and how I see you and how I see the world we live in and my role and responsibility in it. A full and complete knowledge of who I really am as a Soul is probably not possible in this life, but I can make great strides in that direction if it is important enough to me.

We all have access to some wonderful teachers throughout history that have gone very far in realizing who they really are. That’s a great place to start, reading the teachings of some of these great Souls who have paid the price to know themselves to a very high degree. Some of my favorites are Jesus Christ, Lao Tzu, Rumi, St. Francis di Assisi, Yogananda, Sri Aurobindo, and many others who have left us their legacy and their writings.

But reading about their realizations, while a great starting point, is not sufficient to bring about my own greater realization of who I am. That is a price we each have to pay individually.  It requires doing the things they did to gain the realizations they gained.

Attempting to enumerate what those things are is not the object of this message.  The object of this message is to create some much needed doubt and uncertainty as to who you have come be believe you are and the accuracy of the world you believe you see as a result.  My goal in writing this is that you at least begin to question what you have long since stopped questioning.

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I Don’t See Clearly, But I Least I Know I Don’t See Clearly

My hope is that you can walk away from reading this message and agree with the following statement:

I don’t truly see the world as it is and I don’t truly see myself as I am, so any judgments I make as a result are inherently flawed.

Accepting this will not by itself bring about clear vision, but at least you’re no longer fooling yourself that you are seeing clearly and that is a big step towards eventually seeing more clearly.  This is why Jesus taught that we shouldn’t judge others or even ourselves.  Not because judgment is inherently wrong, but because our perceptions are so inaccurate and flawed that any judgments we make as a result would be damaging and limiting.

When you study the lives and teachings of the spiritual giants I’ve mentioned, one common theme is that of non-attachment.  Our attachments to the untrue and temporary are the very things that keep us from truly knowing ourselves and realizing our Souls.  Attachments get formed on many different levels- but one of the core levels is our attachment to our beliefs of who we are and how the world is. As we begin to doubt and question our certainties about who we are what the world is, we begin to loosen the knots that attach us to those distorted lenses.

This can be disconcerting to the temporary part of us (the personality) who is constantly striving for greater certainty and control and becomes very attached to the certainties it creates because it believes they make us safe.  That’s OK. Your Soul doesn’t need all the distorted certainties and resulting poor judgments of your personality.

Instead of feeling less safe and sure as you add more doubt and uncertainty to your life, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much more peaceful and calm you feel, and how much easier it is to not make judgments of yourself or others or even of situations. Instead you’ll become more open to just experiencing life with less distortion.

Questions to Ponder:

– In what ways have I stopped questioning how I see myself and the world I live in?

– How might those unquestioned beliefs be keeping me from seeing things more clearly?

– Am I willing to live with more doubt and uncertainty and less judgment and just be more open to experiencing life with less distortion and less need to control?