Why Solve Problems You Can Outgrow?

Why Solve Problems You Can Outgrow?

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All personal growth is a function of aligning the personality with the Soul.   The Soul is the fixed standard- it is what we align to. When alignment is achieved, we “grow” in the sense that we see things more through the loving, completely secure eyes of our Soul and less through the fearful and insecure eyes of our personality.  As this happens, our “problems” begin to disappear- not because the external conditions have changed, but because we have changed- we have literally outgrown our problems and we see that they were only problems to the personality who was out of alignment with the Soul.  Most of the time we think we need to take action to solve a problem its because we are coming from the insecurity of the personality.

That’s not to say that life doesn’t present us with challenges that need our attention and focus to overcome- because that’s a big part of how life is designed to help us grow.  But the lesson is that if we leave all of the solving of our problems and challenges to personality, we cut ourselves off from a great source of wisdom that is right within us and we often struggle much longer and harder than is needed in “raw effort” instead of learning to consult the Soul and taking on our challenges with the “right effort” that we feel inspired to take- or in many cases to not take.  The personality can become obsessed with action- because it believes that it is essentially alone or on its own and has been taught and accepted the thought  “if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.”  If we learn to listen to the Soul- quite often the advice is “don’t worry- no need for you to do anything right now.  Don’t react from insecurity.  Just let this play out and any action you need to take will become obvious when it is needed.  If its not obvious, it’s not needed right now.”

Questions to Ponder

– Looking back on my life, are there times when I’ve struggled mightily against perceived problems, that I can now see as problems only to the personality?

– What problems do I think I’m struggling with right now and am I trying to take them on with only the help of the personality?

– Are there “problems” in my life right now that I would be better off outgrowing than solving?