Your Sense of Security- What Is It Based On?

Your Sense of Security- What Is It Based On?

“Anybody who tries to cling to what is changing cannot help feeling insecure.”- Eknath Easwaren

Where True Security Cannot Be Found

Everything in the external world of form is constantly changing. So is what is within the mind. That’s the nature of the world and the nature of mind. My body, my children, my possessions, my health, my beliefs, my understanding, all are in a constant state of flux and change which I have very minimal control over. It doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy, appreciate and even love the changing parts of my life, but I can’t look to them for my security or I will be setting myself up for disappointment. True security can only be found in the changeless.

There are many definitions of security in the world. There are industries built around attaining greater security. In fact I would argue a great majority of products and services we buy and sell are attempts to bolster our sense of security. But most of these do not provide true security.

[bctt tweet=”True security can only come from that which cannot be taken from you.”]

The opposite is also true,  [bctt tweet=”Anything that can be taken from you cannot be a source of true security.”]

Our personalities like to look for security in all sorts of things that can and will eventually be taken away from us. Is it any wonder that we don’t truly feel secure when we look for security in that which is not truly ours and which cannot last?  Money, homes, possessions, investments, insurance– these are the things we typically believe will bring us a sense of security- and to the personality they do bring a semblance of security- but it is always incomplete and laced with insecurity, because we know at some level that it could all be taken away from us.

Where True Security Can Be Found

So if the definition of true security is “only that which cannot be taken away from you,”  what makes the list?

It’s not an easy question, but one worth reflecting on and becoming clear on.

It’s pretty easy to see what doesn’t make the list: money, possessions, property, health, other people, reputation, and pretty much everything we strive for as personalities.  At first seeing the things that don’t make the list can be a little unsettling, because it doesn’t seem like there is anything left on the “true security” list.

But if you reflect a little deeper and meditate on the question, some answers begin to surface.  When you study the lives and writings of the worlds greatest saints and sages, you can also see the answers they found.

Here’s a few of my answers as I’ve reflected on this question:

1) My immortality as an eternal soul who gets to experience life for a little while in this body and personality, but who is not and cannot be confined or limited by either.

2) My true identity as a son of God who has innate within me (yet mostly dormant ) all the qualities of God.

3) The knowledge I have that nothing that happens to me or that I do, can remove me from the love of God or put me out of His reach.

4) The knowledge that Life is for me, not against me and that no challenge that I could ever face is stronger than my Soul and my God.

5) The knowledge that those who are with me are far greater (and more powerful) than any that might be against me either now or at any point in the future.

My answers are still forming, but the question “What can never be taken away from me?” is a powerful one that is worthy of a lifetime of reflection and clarification.  Start by reading about the answers that the world’s great sages have discovered, and then go about finding those answers for yourself.

What are your answers?