What Is My Life Purpose? Wrong Question!

What Is My Life Purpose? Wrong Question!

Do I Have A Life Purpose Unique To Me?

There is all sorts of advice out there about the value in finding your one true purpose in life. If you listen to it, you’ll probably end up like I did. I used to believe that if I could just find my unique life purpose, everything would fall into place and there would be no distinction between work and play, and the money would start flowing in great abundance. That was what all the advice givers promised. What was I missing?  For many years I would often feel anxious and frustrated that I was another year older and no closer to finding my elusive purpose that I was supposedly born to do.

If these types of thoughts have fooled you too, you’re in good company.

[bctt tweet=”Even those who think they’ve found their life purpose in the form of some great work, haven’t really. ” via=”no”]

They’ve only found what they currently are enthused by (which is great).

What Is Our Common Life Purpose?

What if there was no such thing as your unique purpose? Or at least that there is something much more important? What if it turns out that…

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I believe that is a true statement. I believe we all have a common life purpose and it has nothing to do with what we do for a living and everything to do with what we let life do to us.

[bctt tweet=”My life purpose (and yours) is not to change life, but to allow life to change me.” via=”no”]

Change me in what way? To remind me of the truth of who I am (a Soul) and help me realize and embody that as much as possible while I’m here.

Our common life purpose is to use every experience we face to gradually increase in awareness, appreciation and awe of the miracle and mystery of life. It is to enjoy the very fact of being alive and embodied and here, now. It is what many ancient and modern saints and sages refer to as “Soul Realization” which basically means allowing your Soul to become more and more “real” in your life.

Whatever each of us decides to contribute to life as a result of our current level of Soul realization is what makes us each unique. And as our Soul realization grows, the things we will naturally be inspired to contribute will change.

This means there is no such thing as a singular life mission or calling that you either find or miss. Instead there is just a string of contributions that evolve as your awareness, or Soul realization, evolves.

There’s No Such Thing As The End

And one more thing; there is no surprise deadline called death that closes the curtain on this process of growth and contribution. That’s another anxiety producing lie. Because you don’t die, only your physical body dies. You continue to evolve in awareness and to contribute from a higher level of awareness, only in a different dimension of even greater possibility.

You don’t have to believe that. In fact you probably can’t believe that if your level of Soul realization is low enough. But until your own level of Soul realization reaches a point where you know that to be true for yourself, why not believe what every spiritual sage and saint through the ages has come to see for themselves as they have attained higher levels of Soul realization themselves? Why not trust them?

Believing this to be true allows you to relax and experience your common or shared life purpose without the fear and anxiety that accompany trying to find your unique life purpose in some work that you must do before death shuts you down.

Now, having said that, I do also believe that we each have many unique things we can and should contribute.

[bctt tweet=”Clarity on our unique life purpose will unfold naturally as we first focus on our common life purpose.” via=”no”]