What Critical People Are Letting Us Know About Themselves

What Critical People Are Letting Us Know About Themselves

What Critical People Are Really Broadcasting

We all know critical people. Maybe we are the critical ones. What critical people don’t usually realize is just what they are broadcasting about themselves with every critical comment.

[bctt tweet=”There is a direct correlation between how harshly we criticize others and how harshly we criticize ourselves.” via=”no”]

Those who are most harsh in their judgments of others are most harsh in their judgments of themselves. People who criticize and condemn others are merely showing to the world how harsh of a judge they are on themselves. No matter how self-important an image they may hold up to the public, we can know for sure that in their own minds, they are equally as harsh and judgmental on themselves.

How Much Abuse Will You Take?

Many people will remain in abusive relationships because the abuse that they receive from others doesn’t exceed the abuse that is self administered. Once the level of abuse that someone gives you exceeds what you already give yourself, you will leave the relationship- but until then, you will typically endure it.

[bctt tweet=”As a rule, the level of abuse we allow others to give us can’t exceed the amount of abuse we give ourselves.” via=”no”]

Compassion Is A Key Marker of Soul Realization

The more we can realize the Soul, the more naturally compassionate we become towards ourselves and towards others.

[bctt tweet=”How compassionate we are to ourselves and others is one of the key markers of how Soul realized we are.” via=”no”]

Questions to Ponder

  • What insights come from this understanding of the high correlation between how harshly I judge others and how harshly I judge myself?
  • How does this new understanding help me to feel towards others who are highly critical and judgmental towards me or towards other people?