Forgiving- What Children Can Teach Us

Forgiving- What Children Can Teach Us

Forgiving- Look To Children For Examples

In trying to gain a clarity of understanding of the nature of the Soul and the personality it is often helpful to look to little children. Little children (say under age 8) are still developing the protective layers of personality that have become more calcified in us as adults. As a result, if we observe little children carefully we can see more clearly the innate nature of the Soul as well as the budding protective/defensive/insecure nature of the forming personality.

One thing that is universally apparent in observing little children is that they don’t hold grudges for very long. They play with other children, and often end up doing or saying things that hurt another. They may cry easily, say some mean words and maybe even throw a few hits or kicks, but before very long all is forgiven and even forgotten and they are best friends again. They don’t get their attention trapped in the offense and as a result, as soon as the argument is over, its over and quite literally forgotten.

As we grow older, we learn to hold on to offenses and nurture them with our attention.

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Forgiving Isn’t Learned, It’s Remembered

We don’t need to learn how to forgive- all we really need to do is unlearn how to hold a grudge.

If we can just unlearn or disrupt our leaned habit of giving our attention to thoughts of resentment, blame and guilt, the forgiving will come naturally because that is the nature of our Souls.

Even as adults, it happens all the time where someone has held a grudge for years, and then the person they’ve held the grudge about is in a life threatening situation like cancer or a car accident, and in seconds, all grudges are gone and there is only love.

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There is a great quote by the Buddha that says:

[bctt tweet=”“There are those who forget that death will come to all. For those that remember, all quarrels come to an end.”” via=”no”]

Our time in this physical state we call life is so fleeting and there are no guarantees that your time or the time of someone close to you won’t be up tomorrow. When we can remember this, grudges just don’t mean anything and forgiving becomes automatic.

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