I do a fair amount of writing to express the principles, observations and practices that I feel contribute to a better experience of life that is both practical and spiritual. But as the saying goes, a picture can say a thousand words. I like to also create simple visual messages that capture an important principle of effective and practical spiritual living. These visual messages are my way of teaching with fewer words and maybe more long term impact.

I see these as quick visual reminders of things your Soul knows to be true and yet we so easily forget in our highly distracted and surface bound everyday consciousness. I call them “Visual Soulminders” little reminders from the Soul that can help us remember the truth with just a glance.

Some of these Visual Soulminders I’ve written blog posts about, some I haven’t. I hope you’ll find some of these Visual Soulminders to be of value to you and please feel free to download them, print them out, share them or use them however you’d like.

I’ll put the most recent ones on top. ¬†Each one is self-contained and can be used independently of any other.

Well Played

Access Denied

Desire Less Aspire More

He Knows God Best

Never Not Home

Don't Be Too Careful

Just Mercy

The Greatest Indicator of True Intelligence

Resigning as General Manager of the Universe

Always Question Unhappiness

Best Reason to Exercise

All Blame is Lame

All Shame is Lame

Focus on Inputs vs Outcomes

The right kind of attachments

Less Instruction More Demonstration

Less Expectation More Appreciation

Worship Beyond Words

3 types of business

Raise Your Gaze Shrink Your Worries

Exercise Your Soul Every Day

Be the first

High Engagement Low Attachment

Rejection is Redirection

How Dare You Criticize Me That's My Job

Happiness in Your Soul

Seek Freedom Find Discipline

Wherever you are give something

No Such Thing As Annoying Teaching Tile JG

Your True Worth Teaching Tile JG


Must Be Present To Win Teaching Tile JG

Gre8 B4 8 Teaching Tile JG