Guilt- Unintelligent Regret That Keeps You Stuck

Guilt- Unintelligent Regret That Keeps You Stuck

“How easily confused are God and guilt with those who know not what their thoughts can do.”- A Course in Miracles

Guilt- Unintelligent Regret

What is guilt?  We’ve all experienced plenty of it from childhood on. But what is it really? If you really break it down, guilt is a contracting and withdrawing feeling that stems directly from believing that something you’ve said or done was harmful or wrong.

In the Tibetan language there is no word for guilt. According to Geshe Michael Roach in his book The Diamond Cutter, the closest word in Tibetan to guilt is best translated as “intelligent regret that decides to do things differently.” To me this definition is really the essence of our word “repent” when properly understood. Repentance is intelligent regret that leads us to decide to do things differently. To repent basically means to “re-think” or “re-do.”

Guilt is personality based self-attack. It is the opposite of repentance.

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From this lower level of perception that guilt drags me down to, I experience greater distortion of the truth and greater disconnection to perceiving my Soul. From a place of guilt I am less likely to decide to do things differently and more likely to keep making the same unintelligent choices because I see myself as flawed and unworthy.

Repentance- Intelligent Regret

Repentance is soul based self-coaching. It is supportive, compassionate and does not diminish my perception of my worth. From a place of repentance, I see more options and there is greater clarity of who I really am. Please join me in adopting the Tibetan way and removing guilt not just from your vocabulary, but from your experience. Let’s just skip the guilt and instead upgrade it to the more intelligent repentance which is the pre-requisite of all progress.

One of my favorite sages of all time, Rumi, taught this principle so beautifully when he said

– “No particle can grow to seedling from anything but the whole. You know this. Why this continuous personal critique?”- Rumi

Rumi speaks for your own Soul. That is what your Soul is trying to say to you. You are a seed that comes from God. Becoming like God is what you are in the process of becoming and there isn’t anything you can do about it other than delay it or accelerate it.

An oak seed will not grow into a weed. It might take a long time to become an oak, but it can’t become anything else other than what it is.

Guilt does not come from God. It comes from believing untrue thoughts about who you are and who you are becoming. It limits your perception and thus your choices for change that you can see and it keeps you feeling stuck.

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Questions to Ponder:

– What have you harbored a lot of guilt about?

– How can you upgrade guilt (unintelligent regret that keeps you stuck) to repentance (intelligent regret that gets you moving forward)?