True Alchemy- Loving What Is

True Alchemy- Loving What Is

“Love will come wherever it is asked” –  A Course in Miracles

True Alchemy

Alchemy is the ancient mystical science often associated with the attempt to convert lead into gold. But this is actually not true alchemy. True alchemy is the practice of transforming something from a lower state of being to a higher state of being. Using the lead and gold analogy, from the base metal of lead to the precious metal of gold. The principles of true alchemy apply to both matter and consciousness.

I’m more interested in alchemy at the level of consciousness because it operates at a deeper, more subtle level that impacts everything including on the surface layer of matter, or the material world.

True alchemy is about transforming perception from the lower levels of the personality to the higher levels of the Soul.

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What are you struggling with?  Who are you struggling with?  It is the personality that struggles. It is  the personality that feels attacked and feels a need to defend itself.

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It wants to feel more secure, more validated, more accepted, more important, more successful, more loved, more admired, more respected, more…

On the other hand, love is the very nature and essence of the Soul and you can ask it to come forward and help you see things through its eyes. There is no where it won’t come if asked.  There is no one it won’t come to if asked. There is no burden it can’t make lighter, if asked.

Experiment With Your True Alchemy Power

Don’t trust me; test it.

Identify a situation you are struggling with or resisting right now.  With that specific situation in mind, say “Love, I want to see this through your eyes. You’re officially invited in.  Thank you for coming. Help me see what I’ve been missing.”

Never is the oft repeated promise of Jesus Christ “Ask and ye shall receive” more true than asking for love to help you see through its eyes.

Test it!  Experiment with how you can turn an annoyance into a reminder of privilege and a feeling of gratitude.  For example, a messy home that was just cleaned yesterday can be seen as a visible sign of how privileged you are to have kids at home who make messes, instead of an annoyance.  Or maybe you get annoyed by a spouse who squeezes the toothpaste tube in the middle or leaves the toilet seat up.

Next time you get annoyed, catch yourself and see it as a reminder of how privileged you are to have them in your life. Anything that annoys you can be the trigger for gratitude and love. This is true alchemy, the turning of the base into the precious.

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Loving What Is

“Loving what is” is unconditional love.  It means our ability to see and act from love is not dependent upon things being the way we may want them or prefer them to be right now.

“Loving what is” is true alchemy- it is choosing to see a situation through the eyes of the Soul instead of the eyes of the personality.  Loving what is does not mean sitting idly back and doing nothing about a situation that you can influence.  The opposite is actually true. When we come from a place of loving what is, we have greater access to the wisdom, creativity and insight that will actually help us see the best actions to take to change things in the most effective way.  When we come from a place of hating what is or resisting what is, we are seeing through the eyes of the personality and taking action from a place of insecurity and fear- which cuts off our access to our deeper wisdom and to insights and inspiration. The actions we take from there often just make things worse.