Thought Web Tracking

Thought Web Tracking miniThis is a one page PDF designed to help you gain a greater level of detachment and mastery over your thinking.  It is designed to be used like a spider web- to trap on paper and thus make material, the otherwise elusive nature of your thinking.

One of the most pervasive veils that keep us from a deeper awareness of our inner Soul is the near constant stream of thoughts that passes through our awareness. I designed this form to help in developing a greater awareness of and greater detachment from our thinking. This form and the simple practice I teach with it will help you significantly in thinning this otherwise thick and pervasive block to you experiencing your own inner Soul and greater communion with the Divine.

Based on my own observations of watching my own thinking, I’ve created 12 different categories of thought that are typical to occupy our stream of thought on any given day. We sometimes think our thoughts are very random or very personal and that others can’t relate to our thinking.

But it turns out that we take our thinking WAY too personally and WAY too seriously. This chart and practice will help you experience your own thought stream from a whole new perspective. One of detachment and curiosity and one that I think you’ll find will be quite enlightening.

The practice is simple in theory, but until you actually take the time to track and capture on paper your own thought stream, you won’t be able to develop the level of detachment that you’ll need to see through your own veil of thought to what lies deeper beneath it (which is everything good you’re really seeking for).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download and then print out the Thought Web Tracking form.  Take a minute or two to read the instructions and familiarize yourself with the 12 categories of thought. (There is a place to jot down thoughts that you just can’t fit in one of the 12 categories).
  2. Sit comfortably at desk/table with the form and a pen/pencil for making tally marks.
  3. Set a timer for the amount of time you want this practice session to go. You can always go longer if you want, but I recommend at least 10 minutes to start. Choose a time/place where you are unlikely to be interrupted.
  4. Follow the simple instructions on the form

The goal of this practice is not to try to have more positive and less negative thoughts, or to try to not have any thoughts, but rather to capture on paper the quantity and type of thoughts you are aware of and just see what you notice and what insights you get into your own thinking.

Have fun exploring and gaining greater awareness of and detachment from your own thought stream. Use this form as often as you like. I recommend doing it at least 3-5 times so you can at least get a sense of similarities and differences between sessions.