The Primary Purpose of Our Emotions

The Primary Purpose of Our Emotions

We can always know how well aligned our personality is to our Soul by paying attention to how we feel. Our emotions serve many functions and can be influenced by many factors- but their primary purpose is as a feedback mechanism that connects our internal world of thought and attention with our external world of form and action.  Think of our emotions as feedback as to our level of internal alignment.

When the personality is aligned with the Soul we feel great- we feel energized, alive, hopeful, loving, peaceful- in general we feel like we are in a state of “wellness”. When there is misalignment, we feel bad- we feel stressed, anxious, tired, annoyed, angry, resentful- in general we feel like we are in a state of “illness”.  An interesting way to look at the difference between “wellness” and “illness” is that the only difference in the spelling of the two words is “I” vs. “We.” When we’re out of alignment and operating solely from the perspective of the personality- the “I”, we feel “ill”. When we’re operating from an alignment between personality and Soul, we are operating from a perspective of “We” and we feel “well”.

Questions to Ponder

– What additional insights into your emotions does this message give you?

– Pay extra attention to how you feel during the day each day this week.  How much of your average day do you feel aligned?  Misaligned?

– In your experience, what does feeling misaligned feel like to you?  What does feeling aligned feel like?

– When you feel misaligned, what have you found works for you to move more towards alignment?