The Folly of Trying To Leave A Legacy

The Folly of Trying To Leave A Legacy

What Does Leaving A Legacy Really Mean?

Do you believe it’s important to “leave a legacy?” Most of us do. Why? No, really… why?

Do you really need to be remembered by people after you move on? How many people need to remember you for it to be a meaningful legacy?  And for how long do they need to remember you?

Just close family, personal descendants, friends? Or does it need to be the masses and maybe even the history books? Is that what it takes to leave a legacy?

Where Does The Desire To Leave A Legacy Come From?

On the surface, the desire to leave a legacy seems to be a noble pursuit. But where does the need to leave a legacy come from? The Soul or the personality (ego)? Think about it. Which part of me is insecure and incomplete and believes that it must accomplish something unusual enough to leave a legacy so it can be remembered after it dies? Does that sound like the Soul?

That’s not my experience of the nature of the Soul. The Soul is already immortal, it doesn’t need to try to create immortality through great accomplishments, that smells a lot more like the personality. It is the personality that wants to have it’s footprints in the sand be cast in bronze so as not to be washed away so quickly by the ocean of time. The personality’s desire to leave a legacy is really just a form of vanity.

Many of the worlds worst atrocities inflicted on others and on the planet have been done with the misguided belief that leaving a legacy of great accomplishment was worth any cost.

The Alternative

But what if the real purpose of life is not to leave a legacy but rather to simply enjoy the journey more and become more and more awake to my own Soul and to the million miracles all around me and within me every single moment?

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What if instead of me believing I need to fix or improve Life, I allowed Life to fix and improve me?

What if my purpose in life is simply to enjoy more fully all it has to offer me and to contribute whatever I am able to contribute? What if my real purpose in life is to perceive my own Soul and allow it to express its true nature regardless of how many people remember me and for how long? What if that was really your purpose too and all of our purpose?

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As I more fully enjoy my journey through life, I live in such a way that others along my path who see me enjoying the journey, will possibly enjoy their own journey a little more. Now that’s a legacy! But its a legacy of contribution, not accomplishment. It’s a legacy of getting to know my own immortal Soul, not trying to make my temporary personality immortal.