Stuck In A Rut? Here’s Why.

Stuck In A Rut? Here’s Why.

“Do you want to act differently? That’s not possible until you perceive differently.” – Byron Katie

Feeling Stuck in a Rut or Underutilized?

We’ve all felt like we’re stuck in a rut at some point. Maybe you’ve felt it a lot. Maybe you feel like you’re currently stuck in a rut. It is common for us to believe that our current job or business or situation is not very fulfilling and there must be something more meaningful out there for us- something that would make a bigger difference and that would call on our deeper interests and talents and passions. The net result of this belief is often disenchantment with our current situation and a feeling of being underutilized, stuck in a rut or wasting our time.


What Money Really Follows

You’ve heard advice like “follow your passion and the money will follow” but that is clearly not always the case and probably not even often the case. Why?

[bctt tweet=”Money follows mastery, not passion. Mastery of what? Of creativity and service that people are willing to pay for.” via=”no”]

Passion can be really helpful in developing mastery because I’m more likely to put in the effort to develop mastery if I’m passionate about it. But if passion is not converted to consistent practice of creatively serving people, sufficient mastery never has a chance to develop, the money doesn’t follow and pretty soon there is disenchantment and frustration.


Who Owns Your Increased Mastery?

No matter what situation you find yourself in right now, it has a higher purpose. You can choose to USE your current situation as an opportunity for greater mastery of creativity and service and a bridge to whatever is next.

[bctt tweet=”No matter what your situation is, you can always bring more creativity and service to it.” via=”no”] [bctt tweet=”Strengthening your creativity and service muscles accrues to you, not to your employer or anyone else.” via=”no”]

Who cares if you’re not appreciated or if your boss takes credit for your effort? You own your increased mastery, not your boss.  When you work out at the gym, does the gym get the benefit of your workout? Of course not. You do.


From Vicious Circle To Upward Spiral

[bctt tweet=”The main thing that needs to change about your situation is how you see it.” via=”no”]

See your current situation as exactly the perfect situation for you to develop greater mastery of creativity and service. Nothing outside of you needs to change. Your situation does not use you; you use it!

[bctt tweet=”If you feel stuck in a situation, it is always because you’ve stopped bringing greater creativity and service to it. ” via=”no”]

As you practice and develop greater mastery of creativity and service, the situation you are currently in will not be able to contain you for long. More opportunities will become visible to you that simply were not visible when you were living at a lower level of creativity and service, and you’ll be able to extend your mastery even further. You’ll break out of the vicious circle of low levels of creativity and service and onto the upward spiral of ever and ever greater levels of creativity and service.

This process can spiral up forever, but it can only start in one place- the exact place you are in right now.


The Main Question Worth Asking

So the best question to focus on in any given situation is simply this:

[bctt tweet=”Given that my situation is what it currently is, how can I bring more creativity and service to it?” via=”no”]

I guarantee you haven’t even come close to tapping the limits of your ability to serve and create. Keep asking this question and taking the next steps that appear visible to you and it won’t be long before you are no long stuck in a rut.