SUY NewSpiral Up Yoga is simple 5 min/day chakra-based yoga practice that can be done by anyone, anywhere, right from the comfort of home. It is the daily system of self-care that I personally designed and created for my own daily practice after studying many systems of yoga for many years.  As much as I loved going to yoga classes, I found that it wasn’t very often that I had 90 to 120 minutes to do a class.  I needed something I could do on my own, from anywhere I was in as little as 5 minutes.  I tried lots of different approaches, but none of them stuck.  Then one day it hit me.  There are 7 chakras (google it if you’re not familiar with chakras) and 7 days of the week.  That was the simple structure I needed to stay consistent.  Mondays were 1st chakra days, Tuesdays were 2nd chakra days, etc.  I then organized everything I knew around this simple structure and have refined it in many ways since then. The result is what I chose to call Spiral Up Yoga. I have been practicing it myself every day since I first was inspired to create it in 2008. After refining it for several more years, I finally wrote and published the book Spiral Up Yoga in 2012 and then crSUY book cover fb 125pxeated the companion membership website in 2013.  So far, thousands of people all over the world have adopted the simple system and benefited greatly from it. The book is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.  You can also see the reviews of people that have read the book and tried the simple daily practice themselves.

I love yoga and see it as the best of the best personal practices to support Soul realization because it involves the body and the mind in unison. Yoga is much more than what most people think of it as. Most people think of it as just another form of exercise involving stretching and contorting the body in funny positions with funny names.  But true yoga is so much more. The word “YOGA” means union/unity. I define true yoga as anything that helps me align or unify my physical body and my personality (personal identity and thinking) with my Soul. The physical exercise part of yoga is really just the icing on the cake, a means to a deeper end. It is preparing the body and the mind to be in a state of internal awareness and openness to be able to perceive the subtle energy of the Soul.

I’ve created a very in depth membership website complete with instructional videos teaching 70 different yoga asanas (postures/exercises)- 10 for each of the 7 chakras. The book teaches 49 (7 for each chakra), but obviously doesn’t have the instructional videos. Spiral Up Yoga Premium Membership also gives you access to lots of other helpful things to deepen your personal Spiral Up Yoga practice. Some of these helps are available right here for individual download. But as a Premium Spiral Up Yoga member you will have access to all of these downloads plus much more. If you’d like to purchase individual downloads, you can do so right below.

If you’d like to learn more about the Spiral Up Yoga system, you can take a FREE 21 day e-course called Spiral Up Yoga 101, which will give you one lesson each day for 21 days. Each lesson contains a specific yoga asana (posture) video training, some key learning about each chakra, and an inspirational message related to that chakra.

If you’d like to skip the 21 day intro course because you’re ready to jump in and really get going with your own Spiral Up Yoga practice, you can become a Premium Spiral Up Yoga member by clicking here.

Individual Spiral Up Yoga Helps Downloads

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PDF: Spiral Up Yoga 7 Chakra Summary Table.  This is a very handy summary table for practitioners of Spiral Up Yoga which can be placed on a wall or mirror in a place that you see it each day to help you stay focused on your daily chakra strengthening practice.




Asana photo guide thumbnailPDF: Daily Asana Photo Guide for practitioners of the 5 min/day Spiral Up Yoga system.  This is a very popular help sheet for practitioners of Spiral Up Yoga.  It shows in pictures the 7 asanas (postures) taught in the book, for each day of the week.  Once you’ve learned the asanas using the video on the website, this can be a great reminder sheet to remember which posture to do each day of the week.






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MP3 Set:  7 Chakra Toning Audio MP3s.  For practitioners of Spiral Up Yoga.  Tone along with me as I guide you through how to tone each chakra using the resonance of your own voice.




The Spiral Up Yoga Store

I also have some physical products designed to support practitioners of Spiral Up Yoga.  Things like Spiral Up Yoga t-shirts and gear, beautiful chakra gemstone bracelet sets for men and women and powerful chakra aromatherapy oil sets.  To see detailed descriptions and pictures of these products, please go to the Spiral Up Yoga Store.