Rejection or Redirection?

Rejection or Redirection?

Rejection Is One of Two Possible Meanings

The human personality, as a rule, is conditioned to fear rejection and crave approval. The natural result is that we tend to avoid anything that could lead to what we perceive as rejection and to seek anything that we perceive will lead to acceptance.

Rejection is one possible meaning you could believe about a NO you receive from someone.

If you believe that No = Rejection, you are guaranteed to feel upset every time you get a No when you wanted a Yes.

Getting a NO from another person to a request you’ve made doesn’t mean rejection unless you choose that meaning. The personality will choose that meaning until taught otherwise.

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Redirection Is The Other Possible Meaning

Redirection to what is truly within your business. There are only three kinds of business in the world:  my business, your business and God’s business (which is basically everything that is not my business or your business). The more of your attention you give to things that are in other people’s business or God’s business, the more likely you will feel upset and frustrated.  There aren’t many things that are truly in “my business”, but the ones that are, are enough for a lifetime (or more) of practice and mastery.

What is within your business? Here are a few things:

  • How much love you bring to a situation
  • How much appreciation you bring to a situation
  • The meaning you choose to give a situation
  • How much you listen to the insecure voice of your personality vs. the reassurance of your Soul.

Finally, other people’s choices are always about them, never about you. Always about the way they are perceiving things and the meanings they are giving things. The words and actions of others that are either defensive or attacking are coming from their personality’s insecurity. I get that, because I know that when my personality is believing insecure thoughts, I too act from that insecurity and say or do things that I later regret.

Result of understanding this: I can stop the downward spiral of upset leading to more upset.  I can see what’s going on and why and I can have more compassion for others when they act out of being upset and for myself when I do too.