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Peaceful Warrior Training is a wonderful way to challenge yourself to take on a specific “Stretch Challenge” designed to last for 30 days.  Each Stretch Challenge is designed to help you become more of the Peaceful Warrior you are here on Earth to become.  A Peaceful Warrior is one of the best names I have for describing the innate nature of the Soul when unfettered by the insecurity of the personality.

Each Stretch Challenge includes an audio recording of me teaching the principles involved and a very specific daily practice assigned.  You also get a PDF worksheet to record and track your daily inputs during the 30 day challenge. This worksheet can help you be consistent in practicing so that the practice taught can become well ingrained and natural, ultimately becoming a positive habit you can nurture for life.

Each Stretch Challenge is independent of any other- so you don’t have to do them in any particular order.  Just pick one that interests you and if you find it beneficial, try others.


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Peaceful Warrior Self-Assessment

PDF:  A great 2 page “Self-Assessment” to score yourself along 30 different dimensions of what it means to be a Peaceful Warrior.  You give yourself a score of 1 to 10 along each 30 dimensions and then total that score up to get your total score out of 300.  The numbers aren’t as important as the process of self-evaluation and giving yourself a current “baseline” starting point.  Take this before starting any of the Stretch Challenges and then periodically re-take it to see which areas you are making progress in.  A fun way to quantify something that is very qualitative by nature.






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Stretch Challenge: Central Channel Pranayama

MP3 Audio Challenge and PDF Daily Input Score Card

Central Channel Pranayama teaches you about the practice of pranayama (consciously controlling breath and moving energy) and trains you in a certain type of pranayama that is very beneficial to your physical and mental well-being.  It is a foundational breathing technique that you’ll want to become as automatic and habitual as possible.  I use this breath frequently during the day.  There are many different types of breathing techniques, but this is my go-to breath most of the time.  The audio teaches you how to do it and also goes into much more about your energy body and the connection between your breath and your state of mind.  The PDF document is a quick summary of the technique and a place to check off your daily inputs for 30 days.





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Stretch Challenge: Worry Fasting

MP3 Audio Challenge and PDF Daily Input Score Card

In this Stretch Challenge we take on worry- one of the biggest thieves of peace there is. While the focus is on worry, you can pick any type of habitual negative thought pattern, like negatively comparing yourself to others or criticism or nagging or complaining. This Stretch Challenge is all about gaining a new level of clarity about thoughts, what they are, where they come from and about attention and what your role is as the master of your attention. Gaining this understanding and learning how to develop greater ownership and mastery of your attention is a critical skill you’ll need to apply to make any real progress in piercing the veil of the personality and experiencing the inner presence of your Soul





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Stretch Challenge: Being an Exclusive Blesser

MP3 Audio Challenge and PDF Daily Input Score Card

In this Stretch Challenge we focus on gaining greater discipline over the words we allow to come out of our mouths.  I teach what it really means to curse and to bless. I teach both offense and defense skills when it comes to how we use words and issue the challenge to be an exclusive blesser each day during this challenge.  Based on Peaceful Warrior Trainee feedback, this Stretch Challenge was a favorite.  If you would like to gain greater mastery over how you use your words, you’ll love this one.






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Stretch Challenge: Yogoda

MP3 Audio Challenge, PDF Daily Input Score Card and PDF Yogoda Practice Summary

In this Stretch Challenge I teach a wonderful physical body/energy practice that really gives you direct physical experience in creating a space of separation between your Soul and your body.  You’ll learn a specific practice that takes just a few minutes to do that will energize every cell in your body, quite literally from your feet to your head.  It is a great practice to use for both general health and energy as well as for addressing specific health concerns in any part of the body.  I think you’ll really love practicing this technique and make it a go-to technique for greater health and healing.





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Stretch Challenge: Yoga Walking

MP3 Audio Challenge and PDF Daily Input Score Card

In this Stretch Challenge I teach a technique I call Yoga Walking.  It’s a specialized way of turning a simple stroll around the block into a yoga experience in the sense of creating bringing the body and personality (personal mind) into greater alignment with the Soul.  It also helps you develop greater mastery over your attention and breath as well as being great for your body.  Once you learn this technique of walking, you’ll have it for life and you’ll probably even go on more walks because of the wonderful way you feel during and after a Yoga Walk.  I personally developed the Yoga Walk technique and have been practicing it myself for many years.




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Stretch Challenge: Charioteering

MP3 Audio Challenge and PDF Daily Input Score Card

In this Stretch Challenge we take on one of your favorite negative habits and bring forth some internal discipline to deny the habit for 30 days.  I introduce the concept of Charioteering, as taught in the ancient Upanishads, as a metaphor for taking back ownership of your body and your appetites and habits.  This is something you will continue to use in many areas of your life.  The discipline you practice and develop as part of this Stretch Challenge will be of immeasurable value as you continue on your own path of Soul realization.