Life’s Most Important Decision

Life’s Most Important Decision

 “Why keep looking for EXIT signs in the middle of moments that didn’t turn out to be quite what you’d expected? That kind of behavior keeps you searching in circles in a desert of seeming separation.  Why not instead become that rogue violin who is always singing songs of sadness and joy with the same sacred vehemence?” – Dreaming Bear, Baraka Kanaan.

There are many decisions we make in life, but one decision is foundational to all others.  It’s life’s most important decision. This one decision informs all other decisions and even determines which choices you are able to see to make decisions about.

[bctt tweet=”What is life’s most important decision? Deciding that Life is FOR me, not AGAINST me. ” via=”yes”]

When I make the important life decision that life is for me, then by extension everything I experience is for me even when I may not be able to see how right now.

[bctt tweet=”With enough perspective,all will be seen with gratitude.Until then I decide to trust that life is for me.”]

I need to decide to experience everything life brings me, both the joyful and the sad, with sacredness and full presence.

This is a decision I make to see life through this lens, regardless of whether I believe it is actually true. Even if I believe life is impersonal and uncaring, making the decision to trust that life is ultimately for me makes life more enjoyable and brings out the strengths of my Soul, especially when things don’t seem to go the way my personality wants them to.

[bctt tweet=”Deciding that life is for me is a little decision with huge lifelong impact.”]

It’s a decision I only have to make once, but may have to remind myself of many times until it becomes automatic and I don’t even have to question it anymore when something happens that I don’t enjoy.

To truly become that rogue violin who is always singing songs of sadness and joy with the same sacred vehemence is deep and true and lasting security that cannot come from money, possessions, relationships or status.