Conflict: Is Life Beating You Up Or Beating You Clean?

Conflict: Is Life Beating You Up Or Beating You Clean?

“What sort of person says they want to be polished and pure, then complains about being handled roughly.?… The severe treatment is not toward you, but the qualities that block your growth.  A rug beater doesn’t beat the rug, but rather the dirt… Don’t run from those who scold, and don’t turn away from cleansing conflict, or you will remain weak.”- Rumi

This is one of my favorite Rumi quotes.  When I’m feeling beaten up by life, it helps me remember to ask what dirt life is trying to beat out of me instead of why life appears to be beating up on me.  What beliefs of my insecure personality that block my growth is life trying to shake me loose of so that the secure and powerful qualities of my Soul can be uncovered.

Avoiding Conflict or Avoiding Growth?

The personality in all of us tends to avoid conflict and resent those who scold us. It may be well to avoid negative, fearful personalities that criticize us or act as energy vampires. But it’s also important to notice patterns and learn from them.

[bctt tweet=”If you meet one jerk, you’ve met a jerk.If everyone you meet is a jerk, you’re the jerk.”]

Our life circumstances are a result of many different inputs and I’m not suggesting that everything you find yourself facing today is 100% attributable to your choices, but I am suggesting that you can choose to let your circumstances be your greatest teacher.

[bctt tweet=”If you don’t like your situation, let that dissatisfaction be a cleansing conflict not a crushing one.” via=”no”] [bctt tweet=”Stop being a victim.Start asking what growth-blocking beliefs life is trying to beat you clean of.”]

Otherwise, as Rumi says, you will remain weak.

What’s going on for you right now that this perspective can help you deal with better?