Indecisive? Are You Sure? Decision Making With Less Stress

Indecisive? Are You Sure? Decision Making With Less Stress

You Are More Decisive Than You Think

Many people think they are indecisive and admire people who they see as decisive.  But 99% of the time we human beings are very decisive.

It is the nature of our Souls to be decisive- we don’t have to learn to be decisive, it comes hard wired in us. For example today I decided to get out of bed and I decided to take a shower and to get dressed and to eat breakfast and to go to work. Throughout each day I make countless decisions effortlessly, even habitually. It may be easy to not see these as decisions, but they are.  At every point I had other choices I could have made.  I could have decided to stay in bed, to not get dressed, to not eat breakfast and to not go to work and to do any number of other things instead.

When I go to a restaurant and look at the menu, it may take a minute or two to evaluate my options, but I quickly and without any real stress, decide to choose something on the menu and place my order. I don’t worry about what happens if I make the wrong choice. I don’t stress out about what I’m possibly missing out on by not choosing the other options on the menu. I just make a decision and move on, secure in knowing that I can always make a different decision next time. That’s how the Soul operates and will operate for us if we’ll keep the indecisive personality out of the way.

[bctt tweet=”When we allow the insecurity of the personality to be the decision maker, we become indecisive.”]

What About Big Decisions?

Easy decisions like what to eat at a restaurant don’t usually pose a threat to the personality, but the more important the decision is perceived to be by the personality, the more indecisive it becomes as it tries to analyze all the options and protect against the downside and worry about losing what it already has or missing out on what it might get if it choose another way.

[bctt tweet=”99% of decisions we face are correctable by a better decision once more clarity is available.”]

Often the difficulty we perceive in making “important” decisions is because the personality has convinced itself that the decision has to be made now with too little information. There is always another decision available in those circumstances, the decision to wait for more clarity. That is a perfectly sound decision to make in many cases. The personality usually doesn’t like it and will criticize itself with labels like indecisive. But quite often, all that needs to happen for the turbulent water to settle and become clear is to stop agitating it and let it be for a while.

Making Decisions Without Enough Information

Are there times when you really do have to make a decision when you don’t have enough information or clarity to be confident in your decision?  Of course.  In those cases, the best course of action is to still the turbulence of the frantic, insecure personality and connect with the strength of your Soul.  Meditation is helpful here, so are mantras or a few minutes of doing some yoga, or maybe listening to some inspiring music or just going on a walk outside and breathing deeply.

Know that regardless of which choice you make in this situation, you’re going to gain more clarity by making a decision and seeing what happens, and with greater clarity comes the ability to make a better decision for what to do next.  Maybe you reverse course, maybe you adjust course, maybe you decide to hold and await even more clarity.  All perfectly fine decisions that you can make without stress.

The more you can stay in touch with the innate security of your Soul, the less you perceive decisions as stressful and the more you see them as just steps you take in the dance of life, knowing that your Soul has within it the intelligence, strength and resourcefulness to overcome anything it is faced with and use every circumstance to polish and perfect itself.

Questions to Ponder:

– What decisions am I faced with now that feel difficult or stressful to me?  What is my personality perceiving is at risk in this decision?  Is it really?

– Are there decisions that my personality is convinced it has to make now that it really doesn’t and instead I can make the Soul based decision to stay calm and await more clarity?

– Is there any decision I’m faced with that my Soul can’t make and can’t improve upon with other decisions once more clarity is gained?