If You’re Going To Judge Anyway, Do It This Way

If You’re Going To Judge Anyway, Do It This Way

You’ve probably been taught somewhere along the way that it is wrong to judge others. The personality can’t help but judge. It judges others and it judges itself. What is a judgment?  Basically it’s when the personality decides it has enough information to label something or someone as good or bad, right or wrong, safe or unsafe.  A belief is formed and no further inquiry is seen as needed. That new belief (judgment) must now be defended by the personality to prove the judgment right. All new information about the person or situation is then filtered by the belief and only that which gives further evidence of the correctness of the belief is allowed in.

The fundamental flaw in the judgments our personality makes is that it assumes is knows everything it needs to know and it stops being open to anything that might not support the judgment.

What about the Soul.  Does it judge?  Should it or is it naturally non-judgmental? I believe it does make judgments, but of a very different kind.  The judgment the Soul makes is always from a place of wisdom and compassion.

What is the right way to judge? With wisdom.

And what is the wise way to judge?

With compassion.

The Soul sees life from a higher level of consciousness and with more complete information.  A Soul knows that:

  • Most of what we do that hurts ourselves and others is a result of the inherent insecurity of the personality.
  • We are here to learn from our own experience how to discern truth from error and every choice we make is an opportunity to learn.
  • We cannot possibly know everything about why people do what they do or even why we do what we do, and we cannot know for certain what is ultimately best for us or for someone else.
  • There are no wrong decisions, only different lessons. What is a wrong decision anyway? Is the easier path always the best path for everyone?
  • It is never too late to repent (stop seeking wrongly and start seeking rightly).
  • We cannot, no matter how hard we try, separate ourselves from the love of God. Why? Because it is right within us, always present as part of who we are- as part of the Soul. We can (and often do) allow ourselves to get out of alignment with that truth- and we will suffer so long as we remain out of alignment, but the truth is still there, the love and compassion of God is always available to turn to.

When you begin to judge yourself and others from your Soul, you begin to feel nothing but compassion for all the things you or others do that are driven by the insecurity of the personality.  You also know that every personality is on a journey towards merging back in with the Soul, much like every river eventually finds its way back to the ocean.  This is as true for you as for anyone else.

Questions to Ponder

  • How will I judge others with more compassion?
  • How will I judge myself with more compassion?