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The Chakra Healing Course is a “deep dive” course for those who really want to explore deeply their chakra system and learn how to balance and heal each chakra.  There are 9 units in all.  The first is an overview of your entire chakra system and how it all works together.  It’s a big picture preview.  Then the next 7 units focus on one of the 7 chakras and the final unit is about integrating everything learned in all of previous units. I’ve created a free introduction recording that will give you a very good picture of what is possible for you as you learn and practice the things I teach in each chakra unit.  After listening to that introduction, If you decide you are ready to continue with the entire course, you can do so here– Complete Chakra Healing Course.  In addition, when you do the complete course, you also get free Premium Member access to the Spiral Up Yoga membership site, which by itself is $68.

Each individual chakra unit includes:

–       A overview about the chakra

–       A five minute Tibetan Singing Bowl audio experience to directly experience in your own body the vibration of that chakra 

–       Key characteristcs of the chakra

–       An overview of “round one” early developmental influences that impacted the health of that chakra

–       Characteristics of a balanced and healed chakra, and characteristscs of deficient and excessive chakras

–       Common physical body symptoms of that chakra imbalance

–       Key issues and common thought parasites affecting that chakra

–       Chakra strengthening and re-balancing practices to experiment with

–       Supporting PDF materials like a one-page summary, a one page worksheet for customizing to your life and the presentation slides for taking notes if you want.

–       Recording of a live Q&A call with previous participants to further deepen your learning.

Each unit includes 3 to 4 hours of video and audio recordings along with all the printable PDF documents you’ll need to get the most out of each unit.  You don’t have to do it all at once.  It is broken into smaller “bite sized” pieces of 30 to 45 minutes.

Chakra Healing Course Introduction Audio and Chakra Health Self-Evaluation PDF

audio iconIf you’d like to explore a little more what this course will be like before making the decision to jump in, I invite you to download and listen to the 15 min overview audio recording where I explain more about what this is all about and what it will do for you.





Chakra Self Evaluation thumbnailYou’ll also get a free PDF that will make it easy for you to do a self-diagnosis on each of your 7 chakras in terms of how excessive, deficient, or balanced they are. This PDF will alone can be an invaluable tool for understanding how your current circumstances, mindsets and tendencies are reflections of the health of each of your chakras.