Are You Already in Hell?

Are You Already in Hell?

If “hell” is a place where we are punished for our sins- then I’ve got news for you. You’re in hell already- you don’t have to wait until you die, you’re already there now- and you’ll continue to be there even after you die so long as you keep punishing yourself for your mistakes- and by punishing yourself, I mean diminishing your perception of your self-worth so that you take in less and less of life’s abundance- because you don’t believe you deserve any better.


Repentance has nothing to do with punishment- it is actually the opposite. It is the process of stopping self punishment. It is the result of increased consciousness, of increased enlightenment, of seeing more through the 20/20 eyes of the Soul and less through the extremely myopic eyes of the personality.


Repentance is simply the learning part of the growth process. You try something that doesn’t work (is not based on truth), you get a result that you don’t like. That’s just cause and effect- it’s the “law of justice.” Repentance is simply making that connection and then deciding to try something different instead of repeating what doesn’t work.


Questions to Ponder

  • When you think of repentance- what’s your gut reaction- avoidance or excitement?
  • How do you punish yourself for your mistakes of the past?
  • Can you see how self-punishment is what hell is all about both before and after death?