Q: Is this what you do full time?

A: Living with the underlying purpose of increasing my own Soul realization is something I do full time.  But writing and teaching about it is something I do for fun and to be at peace with my own Soul.  I write and create and share what I do on this site primarily because my Soul wants to contribute in this way.  Whether it helps others or not is not my concern. I know it has and does help others and I hope it continues to do so, but that is not why I do it.  I also know being public about sharing what I share makes me a target for criticism, misunderstanding, being negatively labeled and even ridicule, but while such things have given me pause and caused me to question if this is worth my time, my Soul just keeps pushing me to do what I do anyway.  So I do.

I am married and have a fairly large family of six children and I support my family primarily through other means than this. As a family man with the privilege and responsibility to provide both materially and spiritually for a family, I have ample opportunity to test and try what it means to increase in Soul realization amid all the demands and pressures of life that come with my responsibilities to my family. To me any spiritual practice must assist me in my responsibilities, not detract me from them.  It is with this focus that I write and share my understanding and experience.

Q: Do you have specific training or degrees in religious or spiritual matters?  

A: Degrees, No.  Training, Yes.  I went to college and got a B.A in Economics from BYU.  Later I got an M.B.A. from UCLA.  I have spent most of my professional career in the commercial real estate arena, initially as an employed manager in the corporate world and since 2001 as a self employed entrepreneur and broker.  When it comes to the spiritual side of things, I have been an avid explorer for decades of the writings and teachings of the worlds’ greatest saints and sages. I have explored and practiced many different things, always looking to distill from each practice it’s essence that contributes to my own greater Soul realization.  I have trained and practiced for many years in yoga and have created my own unique 5 min/day yoga practice called Spiral Up Yoga which you can learn more about on this site.  I have written, taught and trained in various ways, both in person and on-line.  I am not a big believer in the value of degrees per se, especially in spiritual and religious matters.  All the intelligence and wisdom that ever existed in anyone exists within my own Soul and within yours.  It is therefore much more effective to use your experience and your life to increase your own personal Soul realization, because that will unlock in you everything you’ll ever need to become the divine version of you that you are here to become.

Q: Do you come at this from the perspective of any particular religious background?

A: Everything I share on this site is universal and timeless in nature and beyond the bounds of religious lines. I am addressing the very personal and individual work of increasing in one’s own Soul realization which cannot be contained to any religion or specific spiritual practice.  My own religious upbringing is as a Mormon and I am an active and practicing member. While my religious practice cannot help but influence my perceptions, I invite you to make your own judgment as to the value of what I share on this site. I think anyone from any religion, including my own, will find what I teach to be clarifying, supportive of any spiritual way and not in conflict with the essence of their religion. I am generally a fan of active participation in a religion as a great catalyst for personal Soul realization. Just as math or physics do not belong to any religion, so there is an underlying science to spirit and Soul realization that has been explored and recorded by many great Souls throughout our human history. It is at this universal level that this site is focused.

Q: Do you consider yourself to be “Soul realized”?

A: Not even close. Realizing the Soul is a never ending process, not an single event. I have experienced in my life, unique times where the veil of my own personality has thinned or been pulled back for moments and I have experienced a fuller measure of my true nature as a divine and eternal Soul.  But then the veil of personality closes again and my everyday awareness shrinks back to my personality’s limited perception. But much more important than these moments of “spiritual awakening” are the countless daily moments of awareness available in every breath that I am a Soul having a human experience and no matter what appears to be happening in my world, I have no reason to fear my own experience because it can all be used by my Soul to help me uncover and realize it a little more.

I do consider myself to be consciously and deliberately on the path of Soul realization and a little further down the path every day and definitely past the point where I can justify not sharing what I can.

Q: How does this site make money?  Can I advertise or promote my products on it?

A: This site does not currently take advertising or promote other’s products.  It makes money primarily through product sales and donations. I reserve the right to change that in the future if I believe it will serve my audience in a way that is aligned with the purpose of this site.