Third Chakra Weakness- 5 Signs, 5 Solutions

Third Chakra Weakness- 5 Signs, 5 Solutions

“It is not so much work that tires us, but ego-driven work.  When we are selfishly involved we cannot help worrying about our success or failure.  The preoccupation with results makes us tense, and our anxiety exhausts us.   Do not ask ‘Am I equal to the task?’  It is enough that the job needs to be done and that you are doing your best to get it done.” – Eknath Easwaren


The Third Chakra

The third chakra is sometimes called the solar plexus chakra.  It is located along your spine about two to three inches above your belly button. It deals with issues of willpower, ambition and action and it is weakened by all forms of shame, embarrassment and self-consciousness. Physically, it supports your liver, pancreas, gallbladder, stomach and spleen.


Five Signs Your Third Chakra is Weak

1) You see yourself as powerless compared to some and powerful compared to others.  This may show up in being overly submissive in some situations and a tyrant in others.

2) You have lots of different ways of shaming yourself and frequently feel embarrassed by imagining what other people think about you. It’s not so much that you’re afraid to fail; it’s more that you’re afraid to appear to others to be a failure.

3) You see the future as full of danger and change as a threat, so you play it safe and try to protect what you think you have.

4) You are highly goal oriented and get your sense of meaning and purpose by your list of accomplishments.  If you are not accomplishing something bigger and better, you feel like a failure. You are generally highly stressed and often comment to others how stressed and busy you are as a badge of honor.

5) You experience any of the following physical symptoms on a frequent or chronic basis:  digestive problems, ulcers, liver problems, gall stones, pancreas disorders such as diabetes or hypoglycemia.


Five Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your Third Chakra

1) Reflection: Reflect on gardening. Notice what your proper role is as a gardener in growing life. It is a partnership between you and Life. There is only so much you can do and most of it is done by Life. It’s probably about 1% you and 99% Life; and yet without your 1% nothing but weeds would grow. Apply this to your life and your goals and projects and everything you are taking on that is causing you to feel stressed and trust Life more and relax and just refocus on what your 1% role is and in doing that well.

2) Redefinition: Focus less on accomplishment and more on contribution.

[bctt tweet=”Accomplishment is what makes the ego feel valued. Contribution is what the soul is designed to do.” via=”no”] [bctt tweet=”Accomplishment is attached to outcome; contribution is not attached to outcome but is a reward in and of itself.” via=”no”]

3) Third Chakra Sound Vibration:  Intone the “ah” vowel sound and feel the vibration in your solar plexus area as you hold out the sound and imagine a bright yellow sun radiating from your solar plexus and sending healing and balancing energy to the vital organs supported by your third chakra.

4) Third Chakra Breath: Do the “Breath of Fire.”  The Breath of Fire is a rapid breath through the nose into the solar plexus. Two cycles per second is about the right speed. In/Out In/Out in one second. Originate the muscle pumping movement from your solar plexus and let the breath just come in and out by itself. Do this for one minute whenever you are feeling low energy and it will recharge you.

5) Third Chakra Yoga Asana: Perform the “Washing Machine” yoga asana (see illustration).

Asana 3 Washing Machine

Sit cross legged on the floor.  Raise both arms to the square and touch the first finger and thumbs of each hand.  Now rotate your entire upper body at the waist to the left as you breathe in and then to the right as you breathe out.  Go back and forth in this motion for thirty to sixty seconds.   You are literally cleansing your liver (your body’s primary detoxification organ) as you do this- like squeezing dirty water out of a wet sponge.