Sixth Chakra Weakness- 5 Signs, 5 Solutions

Sixth Chakra Weakness- 5 Signs, 5 Solutions

“Do you want to act differently?  That’s not possible until you perceive differently.”- Byron Katie


The Sixth Chakra

The Sixth Chakra is the Third Eye Chakra. It is located right in the center of your forehead. It deals with insight, intuition and wisdom and is weakened by all forms of illusions. Physically, it supports your upper frontal sinuses, eyes, ears, and the outer layers of your brain. A closed or blocked sixth chakra will keep you stuck in analytical, busy, churn mode, which is exhausting and stressful. An open and strong sixth chakra will enable you to spend most of your time in relaxed flow mode and to tap into inner wisdom and intuition which is really guidance from your own Soul.


See if any of these signs of weakness describe you, and if so, experiment with some or all of the five things below to help you open and strengthen your sixth chakra.


Five Signs Your Sixth Chakra is Weak

1) You feel lost when it comes to a sense of purpose and a path in life.  This sense of being lost and without inner guidance can lead to becoming very ritualistic and dogmatic in following a particular leader or system that gives you a sense of purpose or meaning.

2) You have an active imagination, but not in a good way.  Your imagination is often stuck in regret and worry mode. Regret about the past and worry about the future.  You imagine all the things that could go wrong, all the negative things that people might be thinking about you, and a future that is scary if you don’t take massive action now to fix everything that is broken.

3) You spend much of your day in analytical, churn mode, trying to figure everything out and getting frustrated when you can’t.  You find it hard to turn off the churn mode which results in difficulty being present in the moment and difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.

4) You are often highly attached to things turning out the way you want them to or think they should, so life is experienced as constant emotional roller coaster.  You feel up when things seem to be going your way and down when they don’t.

5) You experience any of the following physical symptoms on a frequent or chronic basis:  frequent headaches, upper/frontal sinus conditions, neurological disorders, disorders of the eyes or ears, disorders of the outer brain.


Five Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your Sixth Chakra


1) Reflection:  The sixth chakra is about seeing clearly; seeing through illusions.

[bctt tweet=”A big part of seeing clearly is seeing that I don’t see clearly much of the time.” via=”no”]

Seeing clearly is more about what I see WITH than what I see.

[bctt tweet=”When I see with the eyes of my Soul, I see clearly. When I see with the eyes of my personality, I don’t see clearly.” via=”no”]

Recognizing this can stop me from automatically believing that everything I am seeing is true.

The simple rule is this: when I feel lousy, that is a warning sign that I can’t and shouldn’t trust how I’m seeing things at the moment and any actions I take from this place of distorted perception to try to “fix” things will just make things worse.  Best to do some of the other things listed below and recover a clearer perspective before making any decisions or taking actions designed to fix anything.


2) Free Writing: Experiment with free writing.  Write down a question you have that you are not clear on and would like to have more internal/intuitive guidance on.  Clear your mind (maybe through trying #3 or #4 or #5 below) and then start writing whatever thoughts you become aware of, no matter what they are.  Don’t edit your thoughts, just write them down and see what kind of answers emerge.   If something causes your soul to stir or your heart to glow, take action in that direction.  Stay open, curious, patient and light hearted about it.

[bctt tweet=”Seriousness and urgency kill intuition (soul guidance) and keep you stuck in fear based thought.” via=”no”]


3) Sound Vibration:  Intone the “om” sound using the word “home” and feel the vibration in your sixth chakra as you hold out the “mmm” sound and imagine a deep indigo blue light radiating from your sixth chakra and sending healing and balancing energy to your eyes, ears and brain. Experiment intoning with your ears unplugged and with them plugged by your fingers.

The word home also has meaning related to the sixth chakra. Think of seeing through the illusions that keep you feeling like you’re a stranger in a hostile land and instead seeing clearly that…

[bctt tweet=”You are at home, right here, right now, exactly where you need to be for your greatest growth.” via=”no”]


4) Chakra Breath: Do the “Alternate Nostril Breath.”  Use your finger to close your left nostril and slowly breathe in through your right nostril.  Then switch and cover your right nostril and slowly breath out through your left nostril.  Then breath in again through your already open left nostril and out through your right.  Repeat for as many cycles as you want.  In right/out left.  In left/out right.  This is a very calming breath and will quickly calm a busy and churning mind.  It stimulates and balances both hemispheres of your brain and creates a relaxed state of alertness with your attention in the present moment.


5)  Yoga Asana: Perform the “Cat/Cow” yoga asana (see illustration).

Asana 6 Cat Cow

Begin on hands and knees as shown in image 1.  Slowly move into “cat” position (image 2) by arching your  back up and dropping your head down toward your chest.  Now slowly move into “cow” position (image 3) by raising your head back up and arching your lower back down.  Begin moving back and forth between cat and cow positions, breathing in through your nose as you move your head up into cow and out through your nose as you move your head down into cat.  Begin to increase the pace at which you move between these two positions until you are doing about one cycle per second.  If you begin to feel light headed, slow the pace back down.  Try to do Cat/Cow for thirty to sixty seconds.