First Chakra Weakness- 5 Signs, 5 Solutions

First Chakra Weakness- 5 Signs, 5 Solutions

The First Chakra

Probably the most common chakra to be in a weakened state is the First Chakra.  It deserves some extra attention because without sufficient energy in the First Chakra, all the other chakras suffer.  The First Chakra acts as a pump at the base of the chakra system that helps energy rise and flow.  If this base pump is weak, work done on the other chakras won’t be as effective. The First Chakra is sometimes called the Root Chakra.  It is located at the very base of your spine.  It deals with issues of physical survival, safety and security and is blocked and weakened by fear and insecurity.


Five Signs Your First Chakra is Weak

1) You feel a general lack of physical energy and vitality resulting in a lackluster will to create

2) Your sense of well-being is highly dependent upon external circumstances.  So long as everything is going smoothly and to your liking, you feel OK, but when circumstances aren’t to your liking, you feel insecure and take actions motivated to bring your circumstances back in line with your desires so you can feel more secure again.

3) You feel a general lack of confidence in dealing with anything outside your comfort zone.

4) You believe that money creates security and that there is some amount of money that if you attained it, would guarantee your security.  As a result you see money as the scarce and powerful resource and you see yourself as the weak supplicant, which results in a sense of neediness and clinging about money.

5) You experience any of the following physical symptoms on a frequent or recurring basis: eating disorders, adrenal fatigue, foot and leg pains and injuries, rectal or colon problems, immune disorders or bone disorders.


Five Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your First Chakra

1) First Chakra Reflection: Make a list of everything you tend to think of as providing your sense of security. Now cross off any items on that list that could be taken away from you without your permission. What is left? Anything?  Now, make another list titled, “Things that can never be taken from me.”  You might have to reflect a little more on this list- but it’s worth the time to do so. These are the true source of your security.

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2) First Chakra Activity: Reconnect your body to the earth in some physical way. Walk barefoot in the dirt or go outside and sit beneath a large tree resting your back against the trunk. Spend time reflecting on all the ways you are supported like nature.

3) First Chakra Toning:  Tone, or sing the word “grow” holding out the “oh” sound as long as your breath allows. The word “grow” provides the proper vowel sound and has meaning related to the First Chakra. As you hold out the “oh” sound, bring your attention to the base of your spine and feel it vibrating and glowing red, sending life and health to your entire lower body.

4) First Chakra Breath: Do the “Mudra Lock” breath.  From any sitting position, inhale deeply into your lower belly.   Now hold the breath in and tightly squeeze everything from the navel to the anus.   Hold the squeeze for a few counts.  Exhale, and with the breath held out, repeat the squeezing and holding for another few counts. As you are squeezing, try to feel the energy rising up your spine and reaching the crown of your head.

5) First Chakra Yoga Asana: Perform the “Seated Pelvic Rotation” yoga asana (see illustration)

Asana 1 Pelvic Rotations

Sit in a cross-legged position and grab your knees with your hands. Slowly rotate your hips and waist in a clockwise circle. Imagine that your navel is tracing as wide a circle around your seated center position as possible.

Use your arms as leverage (as shown by figures 2 and 3). Keep the movement slow and steady, breathing naturally but without trying to synchronize your breath with your movement. Breathe through your nose if you can.

Continue this clockwise movement for twenty to thirty seconds. Now reverse the direction and begin in a counter clockwise direction, for another twenty to thirty seconds.