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The Four Ways Of Being

Every person operates at some version of their potential. No matter where you find yourself now, you could be experiencing more of your potential or less of it. The same is true of every marriage, every family, every business or any other organization of people.
Of course we're not always operating at our best level, we all have moments where our perspective is very clouded and the insecurities of our personality come out in ways that we're not proud of.  I love the simple diagram below as a way of understanding our four primary ways of being, seeing and doing. This is how we show up and what we bring to whatever we do.
Attachment Engagement Quadrants
A few definitions to better understand and apply this diagram:
1) By Engagement, I mean how much of your attention you bring to whatever is infront of you at the moment, how much of your full presence you show up with to anything you do.  How much is your attention scattered on all sorts of thoughts about the past, or worries about the future or what other people might be thinking of you in the present?  This is very much a moment by moment measurement.  
2) By Attachment, I mean how attached is your own internal state of peace and well-being to the outcome of whatever you are putting your attention on.  Is everything you do a means to a hoped for end in which you can then feel the inner state of well-being IF and only IF things turn out as good or better than you hope for?  If so, you operate from a high level of attachment.  But if your state of inner peace and well-being is innate and independent from your accomplishments and how things turn out, you operate from a low level of attachment. 
We all have shown up as all of these types.  Three of the types are all personality dominant ways of showing up.  The Peaceful Warrior is the exception.  It is the natural way of the Soul showing up.   When we are operating from the version of ourselves that is the Peaceful Warrior, we are operating at the higher, better and more effective version of ourselves and it shows in EVERYTHING we do.   

Becoming A Peaceful Warrior

The main focus of my coaching and consulting practice is to support individuals in their becoming Peaceful Warriors in everything they do- within themselves, within their personal relationships and families, and within any business or organizations they are part of. We all need support in this undertaking because it has been completely programmed out of us by our society.  The good news is that once we can bring consciousness to the habits of action and thought that we've been programmed with that keep us from being Peaceful Warriors, the actual being it comes naturally, because it is the very nature or our souls that has only been covered up by the layers of insecurity of our personalities. If you would like support in becoming a Peaceful Warrior in all you do, let's talk. 
Here's just a few of the results of becoming a Peaceful Warrior in your life:
  • You stop being so hard on yourself and trying to live up to expectations of others that you've confused with your own desires, and instead you begin to actually accept and receive your own love and appreciation that is innate within you and that you already have earned just by being who you already are (but may not be aware of yet). 
  • You gain greater levels of clarity on how thought, attention, mind and consciousness all work in a dynamic system and you learn to literally feel what level of clarity you are coming from in any moment and make better decisions based on that understanding. 
  • You'll learn how to know when you can't trust the way things appear to you at the moment and so you don't make any important decisions or have any important conversations when you're there and you wait until you are coming from a place of greater clarity, with a deep knowing that it is coming. 
  • You enjoy everything you do more.  The more presence and attention you bring to whatever you do, the more you enjoy it.  Its that simple.  Anything can be enjoyable with enough presence brought to it. 
  • You take on things that you've been avoiding
  • You get unstuck and make decisions and take action that you've been procrastinating
  • You get clear on WHY you do what you do and you begin to naturally do things for your own love of doing them, not to please or avoid displeasing anyone else. 
  • You shift from a personality-driven perspective of accomplishment, earning love and comparing yourself to others, to a soul-driven perspective of contribution and inner peace regardless of external outcomes.
  • You get clear on what is your business, what is the other person's business and what is God's business (the only three types of business there are) and you bring all of your presence and attention to those things that are in your business in any situation and withdraw it from those things that aren't your business.    
A Clarity Partnership
If you really want to uncover the Peaceful Warrior in you, there is simply nothing as effective as hiring a good coach and committing to a process of upgrading who you are being.
To me there is nothing more amazing and wondrous than the human mind, except for what happens when two human minds come together to create a "Mastermind." In that space, miracles happen! My definition of a miracle I take from Syd Banks "A Miracle is the right use of Mind." I've experienced it myself- on both sides of the coaching equation- by paying others to coach me and by being paid to coach others. 

There is simply not a more powerful formula for transformation.  You can read all the books and go to all the seminars and retreats that you want, but trying to transform yourself on your own is simply not as effective.  You can make some progress, but there is something about the way we are designed as human beings that it takes two people working together in harmony to really transform.  For whatever reason, we can only reach greater levels of our inner potential by having the humility to open up to another person and the commitment and accountability to work with them to unlock our deeper potential.Mastermind

It's always been this way. It's still true today, and always will be.  Every high performing person in any walk of life has a coach of some sort.  Top performing athletes, actors, entrepreneurs, business leaders or political leaders all have coaches.  They may not always call them a coach, but there is someone in their lives that they are willing to open up to and work with on a regular basis to help them identify and subtract from their lives everything that keeps them from a more complete expression of their own innate greatness.   

I designed my Clarity Catalyst logo to visually symbolize what happens when two minds create a clarity partnership.  That is what I want for you- whether its with me or someone else.

Interested in exploring more?

"Our chief want in life is to find someone who will make us do what we can."

- Ralph Waldo Emmerson




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