Synthesizing Ancient Spiritual Wisdom Into Life-Enhancing Understanding & Practices For Modern-day Material & Spiritual Success

I know on the surface a site called “Explorations in Realizing the Soul” might sound a little lofty and unpractical, but I think you’ll be quite surprised at how down-to-earth and practical and useful in everyday situations what I share on this site is.

To begin with, I invite you to read my 12 Point Manifesto for Realizing The Soul which will give you the overall framework of my focus for this site. You may also notice that I always capitalize the word Soul to give it the divine status it deserves.

Whether you realize it yet or not, Soul realization is our deepest desire and drive as human beings and the one deep desire that inspires all other desires and goals we make.  Better health, better relationships, more money, more freedom, more creative expression, more meaning and purpose, more enjoyment of life… all of these common desires are shadows cast by the core desire for Soul realization and all of them will flow more naturally into our lives when we stop seeking them directly as an end in themselves and instead allow them to happen as a result of becoming more Soul realized.

I invite you to dive in with me and explore what I have spent decades exploring myself and now have distilled, organized and gathered into this site to support you in your own greater Soul realization (and everything else on the surface that will come with it).

Each message I share I call a “Soul Spark.”  The most recent 8 Soul Sparks are shown below, but there are many more to explore by topic.  See which topics grab your interest and start exploring!

5 Signs Your Seventh Chakra Is Weak

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“I have a thousand brilliant lies for the question:  What is God?  If you think that the Truth can be known from words, if you think that the Sun and the Ocean can... READ MORE

5 Signs Your Sixth Chakra Is Weak

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“Do you want to act differently?  That’s not possible until you perceive differently.”- Byron Katie   The Sixth Chakra The Sixth Chakra is the Third Eye Chakra. It is located right in the... READ MORE

5 Signs Your Fifth Chakra Is Weak

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“There is a town where the soul is fed, where love hears truth and thrives, and another town that produces lies that degrade and starve love.  Your voice is a small market set... READ MORE

5 Signs Your Fourth Chakra Is Weak

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“Seeking love keeps you from the awareness that you already are it.” – Byron Katie The Fourth Chakra The Fourth Chakra is sometimes called the Heart Chakra.  It is located along your spine... READ MORE

5 Signs Your Third Chakra Is Weak

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“It is not so much work that tires us, but ego-driven work.  When we are selfishly involved we cannot help worrying about our success or failure.  The preoccupation with results makes us tense,... READ MORE

5 Signs Your Second Chakra Is Weak

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  “No particle can grow to seedling from anything but the whole.  You know this.  Why this continuous personal critique?”-  Rumi   The Second Chakra After the First Chakra (covered in last week’s... READ MORE

5 Signs Your First Chakra Is Weak

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 Complete Health of Body and Mind Begins and Ends With The Health of the Chakras The existence and functionality of the chakra system is ancient knowledge that has been available for thousands of... READ MORE