Exploring The Way of the Soul

This site is my personal contribution to exploring what I call “The Way of the Soul.” To me, the Way of the Soul is what we are all ultimately seeking- it is a way of living life in the most fulfilling way possible. Knowledge about the way of the Soul is important, but only personal effort and practice will make it REAL for you- or in other words, bring about your own Soul “real”ization.

Throughout time and among all cultures there have been those who have paid the price to penetrate the veils of illusion and ignorance common to humankind to experience directly the wisdom, intelligence and meaning of the Soul. Their writings and teachings are the basis of every major religion, but the true Way of the Soul transcends all dividing lines of religion and unifies us all as human beings.

I believe that the Way of The Soul is a very PRACTICAL way that is best practiced and realized right in the thick of daily living with others- not by retreating away from the world. I strive to make whatever I share ACCESSIBLE, and PRACTICAL so that it can be applied in your life right now, right where you are.

The fruits of cultivating the Way of the Soul in your life are many- including greater peace of mind, resilience, joyful living, better quality relationships, better health, and generally a more fulfilling life. Likewise, all dissatisfaction in life can ultimately be traced to ignorance of The Way of the Soul, which is really the common human pathology and responsible for all the disharmony, unhappiness and misery in the world.

This site is one of the ways I have felt compelled by my own Soul to contribute my voice to the choir of many others in sharing the message, the tao or the Way of the Soul. I hope you find something meaningful and useful to you.  Please subscribe to our list so you can be updated of new content.  Happy Exploring!

     — John E. Groberg

The most recent 8 messages that I call “Soul Sparks” are shown below, but there are many more to explore by topic (see right column). See which topics grab your interest and start exploring!

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