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Explore what? The great adventure of life… the real reason we are here in the first place- our own spiritual and material fulfillment- what the ancient spiritual explorers call Self-Realization or Soul-Realization. While this is an adventure each one of us has to experience for ourselves, there is great value in learning from the great Souls that have preceded us in this greatest of all adventures and to associating with others who are consciously focused on experiencing greater fulfillment in life.

I have spent decades exploring this ultimate adventure myself and studying the lives and teachings of many of the greatest Souls ever to explore deeply what it means to live a truly fulfilled life.  In this site I share my own synthesized and distilled messages to support you in living your life more joyfully, peacefully and successfully.

My focus is on practical, day in and day out applications of true principles discovered directly by the world’s greatest spiritual explorers of the past and present.

I believe that spiritual and material fulfillment are both important and inter-related.

I also believe that spirituality is a very practical pursuit that transcends religious and secular divisions and can be experienced directly by every individual.

It’s fruits are many- including greater peace of mind, resilience, joyful living, better quality relationships, better health, and generally a more fulfilling life. Likewise, all dissatisfaction in life can ultimately be traced to spiritual ignorance, which is really the common human pathology.

My purpose in writing and sharing my messages is to do what I can to contribute to correcting spiritual ignorance. My messages are meant for anyone seeking greater fulfillment in daily life regardless of their current circumstances.

The most recent 8 messages that I call “Soul Sparks” are shown below, but there are many more to explore by topic. See which topics grab your interest and start exploring!

The Peaceful Warrior Mindset

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The Effective Mindset of a Peaceful Warrior There are four basic mindsets that you can have when it comes to taking on life. Which mindset you use will make a huge difference on... READ MORE

True Alchemy- Loving What Is

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“Love will come wherever it is asked” –  A Course in Miracles True Alchemy Alchemy is the ancient mystical science often associated with the attempt to convert lead into gold. But this is... READ MORE

Not Loving What Is?

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Loving What Is Spiritual teachers tell us that a key principle for living with peace of mind is to get good at “Loving What Is.” This principle is a hard one for the personality... READ MORE

The Folly of Trying To Leave A Legacy

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What Does Leaving A Legacy Really Mean? Do you believe it’s important to “leave a legacy?” Most of us do. Why? No, really… why? Do you really need to be remembered by people... READ MORE

The Cure For Accomplishment Obsession

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Accomplishment Obsession Our modern culture is obsessed with accomplishment. It has become almost the sole determinate of our value to society and our sense of self-worth. It begins in our schools and even... READ MORE

Action – Motivated or Inspired?

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“It is not so much work that tires us, but ego-driven work.  When we are selfishly involved, we cannot help worrying, we cannot help getting overly concerned about our success or failure.  The... READ MORE

Nothing to Forgive?

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“Forgiveness is discovering that what you thought happened, didn’t.”- Byron Katie Is Forgiveness A Choice Or A Result? We have come to see forgiveness as a magnanimous action we either choose to extend... READ MORE